2hp submersible aerator

2hp submersible aerator
Submersible Aerator is help full to dissolve more oxygen without creating water current. It is specially designed for more oxygen when the stocking density is high. Submersible Aerator RPM is 2900. It can suck mre air from the nature and throw in the water and create micro-fine bubble to dissolve more and mor eoxygen. Now a day, farmers are going for super intensive culture, Submersible Aerator is best option for improving oxygen level in water column while the aqua animal density is more in the pond.
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Technical Specification :
  Rate Power phase   voltage   rated frequency   speed (rpm)
  0.75 Kw 1 ph 215v ± 10v 50 hz 2900 rpm
  1.5 Kw 3 PH 415v ± 10v 50 hz 2900 rpm

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