Why Our Quality Is Best

Quality is the only weapon to do long time business with customer's satisfacation. So we try our level best to serve good quality products. We always try to learn and improve the quality and services as per customer's demand. Now being a part of aquaculture Industries, we are committed to serve more and more products and services with better options to aqua culture industries.

Impeller : we provide 2.5 KG weight impeller with brass bush. We use 100% vergin PPCP row material with 4% UV for long life in sunlight also.
Float : we provide 7 KG weight Float with 100% vergin row material and 4% UV so, its has minimum life of 4 to 6 Years in any harm condition
gear box
Gear Box : Our Gear is made up from t20 grade steel. This gear creat low fiction and save more electricity.
Motor : our motor is made by silicon stamping with 99.99% pure copper wire. Our motor also work in low in high voltage also.
S.S. FRame
Stainless steel Frame : we provide 8.4 KG heavy ss-304 frame. Due to frame strength, it can hold aerator very firmly.
Movalbe joint
Movable Joint : we provide ss-304 material made movable joint, it is corrosion free movable joint so it gives long life.
S.S. Shaft
SS Shaft : we provide ss-304 material shafting. It is corrosion free material so, it gives long life.