Auto Feeding Machine

Auto Feeding Machine
In this fast growing world, we face man power shortage in every field. We find that, same problem have in aquaculture industries also, So, we create this auto feeding machine. Just fill the hopper with 100 k.g. feed and set On time in second and Off time in minute. This machine throw feed up to 50 feet area in the pond time by time. This way we can save our feed wastage and save money also. Farmer can apply this machine on catwalk end.

performance Video
Technical Specification :
Rated Power
019 Kw
415V ± 10V
Rated Frequency
Speed (rpm)
  Feed Capacity 75 Kg. - 100 Kg.
  Motor 0.25 HP ( Power Saving )
  Stand Self Stand on Clamping Pole
  Storage Tank Long Life FRP/HDPE Material
  Frame S.S. 304 Assemble Pipe
  Panel Automatic On/Off Panel
On - 1 sec. to 100 sec.
Off - 1 min. to 100 min.