Dissolve oxygen control Instrument ( dos )

5 HP | Roots blower
By use of this DO Control Instrument, we can know DO level and temp. of water in pond 24 hours, we can set lower higher level of DO and this device can on/off equipment (aerator, roots blower) as per DO level, We can set pound number in device and device wills SMS in mobile every 30 minutes. It is very easy in maintenance and applies in the pond.

  Technical Specification :
  Rated power 50Hz ac22v
  temp. range 0 ~ 50co
  DO Measuring range 0.1 ~ 20mg/l
  control power 15 kw
  response less than 90 sec.
  cleaning cycle 90 ~ 120 days
  measurement distance 50 mtr. to 400 mtr.